Help Desk


  • We provide support before AND after you have used our services. Support plans can be tailored to suit your business and working patterns
  • Our 24/7 help desk click here to login



  • Now you have specified you system and agreed everything with us; the critical stage with hardware is installation. Get it right once attitude.
  • Post installation support and revisions all managed by your site installation supervisior



  • Comprehensive training facility; either 1 to 1 or 1 or 2 instructors per group, up to 15 per group
  • Small training area with zero interruptions if required
  • Complete day, with proper eye breaks and activities a speciality

Response SLA


  • Get the response package you need for your business or application:
  • Help desk e-mail, Help desk with e-main and voice
  • Comprehensive 8 * 5, all parts and labour for a fixed monthly cost