• We can build a stable and reliable infrastructure for your applications to run on. Either internal to your site or spread across several sites and possible different appliances
Replication and resilience
  • You may need data replication is required between sites and devices, our team can sort this for you. Just contact us with your requirement
  • A secure, auto healing network infrastructure ensures total data resilience
  • VWmare running on Linux or Windows for workstation virtualisation
  • VMware ESXi for strong and stable hosting virtualisation platforms, please contact us with your requirements
  • All data across all links and between devices MUST be secure.
  • It is absolutely key that the design infrastructure caters for a complete and hard network setup
  • Desktop lockout, prevent erroneous application being loaded onto workstation on your network. Contact our desktop specialist for advice
  • Site visits, fed up with catching staff out when they are using your equipment for personal use, site blocking and preventative fire walling
  • Lock USB, the often forgotten export port. This too can be disabled, ask for details
  • Attached mail sent to non-approved mail addresses. Lock down your data, prevent information slipping off your network and into the wrong hands
  • On-site to virtual devices
  • Off-site to cloud backup