Net is a software framework that primarily runs on Microsoft Windows but is available on other platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS. Compact .Net will run on PDAs, Smartphones and other mobile devices.

Media Contracts has a team of specialist software developers with exceptional .Net knowledge and experience. We can develop bespoke applications for user interfaces, data access and database connectivity, as well as specialised web and cryptographic applications, amongst other things.

Programs written for .Net execute in a software environment rather than a hardware environment, which means more programs can run more quickly on more platforms with less errors. .Net also supports a number of different programming languages and allows interoperability between them. For the end-user, this means seamless interaction between otherwise disparate systems.

So, if you use a number of different applications or systems and you need them to operate together more efficiently and effectively, Media Contracts can work with your in-house IT team or independently to develop the appropriate .Net framework for your business.

There’s no need to worry if you’re not technically minded. Our expert software developers can simply take your vision for what you want your systems to do and write the appropriate software to make it happen. They will consult with you throughout the process and explain everything in easy terms so that you understand exactly what they have done and how it all works. From conception, to implementation, execution and ongoing support, the Media Contracts team will be with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our communication and our ability to deliver robust, fully tested .Net solutions that will enhance your business systems. To find out more, please contact Media Contracts today. We’re more than happy to discuss any requirement and we’re confident we can deliver cost-effective solutions to suit any business.