Media Contracts are experienced in developing industry-standard DBMSs including Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and SQLite.

Great database design and implementation underpins everything Media Contracts specialise in creating databases and the API's to access them. We realise that company data and its presentation to the application is key to any company. Our team of database specialists are experienced in a wide range of database technologies, from simple open source single server databases to the largest replicated international systems.

Whether you are the department of transport, or a company operating in 3 countries, you may still have 1500 concurrent users you have three things in common: your data is valuable, your business relies on it, and your team can't access it without great database development delivering it.
Databases are governed by a database schema, which provides the underlying structure that maps the relationships between tables, and allows stored data to become useful information ñ but most business users are not concerned with how a database does what it does ñ what they need is to be assured that it's doing it correctly. Media Contracts takes great care to ensure that the right schema is used to support a client's business and future growth plans.

Replication, Media Contracts has extensive skills in building replicated SQL solutions. Total data resilience is ensured. Multisite data porting and merge replication are all part or the process to protect the precious data. To fixed or mobile devices or offices complexes spread throughout a region or nationwide.

Perhaps you are considering upgrading your older database system to take advantage of the innovations and features provided by modern database environments. Media Contracts have wide experience in helping businesses and companies make that change. A good example of this is the migration work Media Contracts undertook on behalf of clients Just Jobs: The data was originally built in an Access based system and badly ported to MySQL. After extensive redesign and a replicated solution, the 2M + records were safely redistributed throughout the organisation consisting of WEB, desktop and roaming devices.

MySQL is also known as My Sequel. It's a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server. This means users can have access to a number of databases. It can power high volume websites, business critical systems and software applications.

MySQL is the most popular Open Source database for the web. It is available under the GNU General Public License and in proprietary form. There are also a number of paid for editions available for commercial use. It is particularly popular for web-based applications like WordPress and Joomla, and is used by some of the giants on the Internet like Facebook and Google.

It can work more than 20 platforms, from Microsoft Windows and Linux to Solaris and Mac OS, as well as mobile platforms like Symbian. It has become the database of choice for the new generation of applications built on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python).

In addition to being extremely scalable, flexible and efficient, MySQL offers very high levels of speed and performance without draining system resources. It is an ideal system upon which to build databases of information that you wish to make available online, whether to offer product information through your website to prospective customers, or make key business information such as your Customer Relationship Management System - available to employees who work remotely.

Our team of software development experts will tailor a bespoke application, or set of applications, to your exact requirements. Whatever your requirement, Media Contracts can develop a robust, cost effective MySQL databases that can grow and evolve with your business and enable you to access and provide data more efficiently, particularly through a web browser and over the Internet.

So that you have complete peace-of-mind, we thoroughly test every database and application we develop.

To find out more about our MySQL or MS SQL database development services and the business improvements they can bring, please contact us.