Web applications are any applications that use a web browser as a client. They can generally run on any device and there is almost unlimited scope for how they can be deployed.

Web applications open up a huge range of possibilities for enhancing a user's experience, whether they are an employee, a partner or a customer.

They are often based around the provision of services, for example:

  • Accounts management; Invoice generation, automates recurring systems
  • Payments;
  • Contact management; Bespoke systems to create appointments and synchronise to remote devices
  • Calendaring; interface with Google/Outlook/Exchange
  • Audio/Video; distribution and training systems
  • Bulletin/Discussion boards.
  • Seamless applications: Desktop applications from web interfaces
  • Casino Systems
  • Task Management and Process flow
  • Updating legacy systems and virtualision

You may wish to provide employees, partners or customers access to certain services or information through a Web Portal. The front-end of a this type of interface is generally referred to as a Dashboard, which may list the services available, stream service information and give service status updates. The Dashboard is the user interface for a web application.

Web applications can also be utilised to create widgets that a user can arrange on their desktop to display certain information. Widgets are generally small applications that run in micro-browsers. For example, weather widgets, stock prices or currency exchange rates.
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